Year End Review

December 29, 2008

In conclusion to a great year, I would like to review everything I’ve done with the Alliance and what I continue am looking forwrd to doing in my up-coming year as a member of The Youth Advisory Board. First off I would like to thank the Alliance for a Healthier Generation staff mmembers who have helped me make this year very successful. Also i would like to thank the American Heart Association of Albuquerque and also the people who have taken the time to interview me and talk with me about the work I am doing.

The first event that I went to was the Santa Fe County Fair, in Santa Fe. At this evet i gave out pledge cards and interacted with the few kids their. Even though the event had few people it was a great experience for me and helped me beprepared for my future events and activities.

Next, I did a podcast with Kate Manchester of Edible Sanat Fe and Kitchen Sync Podcasts. In this podcast i went into the recording studion where we skyped in Kim Perry who is the director of the kids movement for The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. In this interview we talked about the experience in Kansas City, what the Alliances goals are, our mission, who the alliance is and what I am doing as a member on The Youth Advisory Board. For me this interview was super successful because it helped my media skills for future interviews.

Then, Rose Daniel, another Youth Board member and I did 2 interviews with radio disney and a television interview with NM’s local channel 4. The radio disney interviews were great because we were really ab;e to get the message out in a way that kids all across our state listen to. Then the TV interview was just amazing because the feel of being on TV and talking about something that really matters and effects the World, America, and New Mexico. Also it got showed twice and helped get the message out, mainly to parents about what they can do to help their kids become healthy and active.

Next, I attended the Green Globe Fset in Albuquerque, New Mexico which started out great, but soon turned to a rain-out.

Then, a huge event came up and that was the New Mexico Satae Fair. It was amazing to hand out over 550 pledge cards and really engage with the kids by hula-hooping and jump ropeing with them. From this event I feel like the kids really understood what the Alliances goals are. This event was to me one of the most successful events and really helped kids get envolved.

Next, I spoke at Gonzales Elementary with Mayor Coss on be active to school day, where kids were asked to walk and bike to school. It was great to speak with the elementary school kids, teachers, and the principal. It really helped me make connections to important people in Sanat Fe. I loved doing this event because I spoke directly to kids themselves and was and was able to make an impact on them.

Finally, to close out 2008 I spoke with US senators for New Mexico Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall. It was a legeslative session about the problems of obesity and was filled with wonderful speakers from across the country!  It was really graet to be able to be part of the legeslative session that is a nation wide bill and hopefully on its way to victory. This was a superb thing to attend because of the connections I made with two very impotant people for New Mexico and the US. The opportunity to be and speak with people of such great knowledge was jsut the most amazing thing!

Well that is what I have done to help the Youth Advisory Board in my short time with them. I look forward to continuing to work with such wonderful people and on a great and important topic.


Activity = Happy and Healthy You

October 5, 2008

Getting physical activity is very good for your body as it is something that gets your body moving and blood flowing. I know it is hard to always get a lot of exercise-especially with busy schedules, but try to get a little exercise everyday to help keep your body healthy!

School Craze

September 30, 2008

I know what it is like to have a jam packed schedule, with numerous activities one after the other. I also know that it is sometimes hard to get a healthy snack between everything. Though did you know that if you eat something healthy it will give you even more energy to do the activities you love. Try taking an apple or carrots to have as part of your snacks between activities, and that way you’ll be getting a nutritious value  from the food.

As you run from place to place you want to make sure that your body has enough protein and nutrition in it to keep you full and from getting sick from not eating enough then exercising. Remember to try to eat healthy food between activities. 


July 28, 2008

Most of my recipes will be recipes that are not sandwiches because i will give you daily updates of recipes of things that i daily take for lunch. I will start daily updates starting on August 28th.


Simple Vegetable Spring Rolls


1 package of rice paper

1 bell pepper (any color)

1 cucumber

bean sprouts


What to do: Take out 1 piece of rice paper and soak in a pie pan filled with warm water for about 10-15 seconds. Next, take your rice paper out of the water and lay flat on a plate. Then, place your lettuce on the rice paper, then add cucumber slices, bell pepper slices and finally the bean sprouts. Finally, fold up the bottoms of you rice paper and then the sides. 

                                                                      Now Enjoy


                                                             Picture to come soon!

School Lunches

July 28, 2008

Well the solution to having a healthier lunch is to bring one. Now you don’t have to bring a big fancy lunch, it can be something real simple as long as it is nutritious. On my blog I will daily give you ideas for what you can bring to school for lunch. Now i’m not saying that you have to completely eliminate chips or snacks from your lunch just make sure to have a balanced diet with fresh and nutritious foods, a little bit of junk food once in a while won’t kill you.

                                           Just remember to have a balanced diet.

The Back To School Swing

July 28, 2008

Its that time of year that most kids dread it’s time to head back to school. You know what that means the dreadful school lunches… School lunches can be really bad tasting- but even worse then that most of them are really bad for you. They are mainly processed or frozen foods that are being heated up and served to you. Worst of all most schools DO NOT have fresh fruits and vegetables out for kids to be able to get. There are solutions so check out my next blog entry and see what you can do to have better school lunches.

Ways To Make Healthy Living Fun

July 28, 2008

There are many ways that you can make healthy living fun! Lets begin with exercise because that is one of the most important and key things when trying to live healthier. To make it fun you should join sports teams either with a local club or with your school. Sports teams are a way that help you start to make the changes to go healthy, and they are lots of fun. They are really fun because you soon make lots of friends and when you are having so much fun with your friends you won’t even realize that your doing something to help your health. Next if you don”t join a sports team you should find a friend or/and get your whole family on board and do family activities such as hikes or biking to stay active and become a motivator! 

Remember to do it with friends or family members so that you will have lots of fun while being healthy!

                                                   Remember you can only improve!

How To Be Healthier

July 25, 2008

There are five main things that will help you be healthier.

1. Daily eat servings of both fruits and vegetables.

2. Get exercise at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes.

3. Drink enough water to stay hydrated

4. Get enough sleep daily so that you will be fresh and full of energy in the morning.

5. Cut back on sweets, junk foods, and sodas.

What Is The Kids Movement

July 25, 2008

The kids movement is a “by kids for kids” movement to empower all kids to make healthy behavior changes and become leaders in their communities for healthy eating and physical activity.

There are three things that we are doing to get kids involved in the kids movement engaging, educating, and activating.

Engaging- Take the pledge to go healthy by logging on to or

Educate- teaching kids about the problem and telling them a  solution.

Activate-  The Youth Advisory Board and the kids community are ways to get involved where kids can learn the key to health living

Who Is The Alliance And What Are They Doing

July 25, 2008

The Alliance For a Healthier Generation is an organization made up of the William J Clinton Foundation and The American Heart Association.

Our goal is to STOP the rise of obesity by 2010 and REVERSE the trend by 2015. Our other goal is to inspire all young people across this country to eat healthy and get exercise so that they can live a healthy life  and make sure to do their lives hopes and dreams.

The alliance works in four different areas in schools, with industries, health care providers, and most importantly with kids through the kids movement